Episode 1.5 - Mission 22

Veteran Advocate, Kenny Hill, joins us for a look at how you can help Mission 22 support our veterans in need. We take a sneak peek into Episode 2 with Mellissa, and Cristina shares food for the heart.
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Episode 1.5:  Mission 22
Segment 1: Mission 22 is a non-profit organization focused on reducing military veteran suicide with various programs. To fund these, Mission 22 relies on considerate donations for corporate sponsors as well as private individuals. Kenny Hill of El Paso, Texas, is an example of one of those individuals. Kenny is a first-time donor despite his numerous years supporting veteran service groups and initiatives like Team Red, White, Blue, where he serves as a state-wide leader. (Run Time – 5:32)
Segment 2: Mellissa gives us some insight into the novel she will review for Episode 2, Title, by Author. Cristina serves up a healthy tip from the kitchen, and we preview our special guest for Episode 2  (Run Time – 1:20)
Our Guests: 

Kenny Hill:  Veteran Advocate; Texas Leader for Team Red, White, Blue

Mellissa Novakovich:  Book Reviewer, Librarian

Mellissa Novakovich channeled her love of reading into a second career. After serving for 22 years in the U.S. Army, Mellissa thrives as a school librarian at a local K-5 school. She hopes to share her love of books and knowledge with the students and foster their critical thinking skills. Mellissa received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Maryland College and is currently earning her master's degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
Mellissa doesn't just share her love of reading with children; she is still an avid reader herself despite her busy lifestyle. Although she does most of her reading audio-style these days, she enjoys up to 60 books per year. You can find Mellissa's recommendations on her Goodreads page. 
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